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In 2002, using what has now become known as Ajax programming techniques, Brent Ashley built the very first BlogChat and not long after launched the BlogChat service with his business partner, Tim Aiello. Since that time, many bloggers have taken the opportunity to kick their communication experience up a notch by adding chat to their blog.

BlogChat is the original browser-based chat window that you can attach to your weblog or site. When you are online your visitors can engage in a text discussion with you in real time. The chat can be a popup window or you can embed it right in the page. All you have to do is put some links on your page, we provide the service.

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Because BlogChats are personal chat spaces that are active only when the person hosting the chat is online, you may not always see an active chat when you visit a BlogChat site. Say Hi if you see we are active in the embedded BlogChat window below. Drop in on some of the BlogChats listed on the left and meet a few people and their websites.

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